Srirangapatna has quite a few religious and historic attractions worth a day's trip. The highlight is the Sri Ranganathaswamy temple after which this island is named.

Srirangapatna Fort : You can still trace remails of the fort around the the island, especially on the northern part of the island.
Masjid-E-Ala : The mosque built by Tippu Sultan is located close to Bangalore-Mysore highway.
Tipu’s place of death : The simple monument that marks the place Tippu's body was found at the end of Siege in 1799.
Darya Daulat : The summer palace of Tippu, now converted to a museum, also a good picnic spot.
Gumbaz : Tomb of Tippu Sultan a a large number of his family members, including his legendary father Hyderali.
Nimishamba Temple : The religiously significant temple on the banks of the river.
Gosai Ghat : The bathing ghat.
Obelisk : The war memorial , inscribing the English soldiers died during the Siege in 1799.
Tippu's Palace: The completely destroyed palace,after the Siege in 1799. Now only the foundations remains.
Bailee’s Tomb : A often unnoticed tomb of Colonel Bailey, a British officer who served as a prisoner of war in Tipu's time.
Abbe Duboi's Church: The small cuurch built by the French missionary Abbe Dubois in Ganjam in Srirangapatna .
Dungeon : One of the star attractions, the sub terrain prison where Tippu Sultan kept the war prisoners
Garrison Cemetery : Another important historic but hidden historic site in Srirangapatna.
Scott’s Bungalow : The mysterious Bungalow of the Scott family during the colonial period.
Other attractions of the Srirangapatna Fort include Jibi Gate,Water Gate,Bangalore Gate,Flag staff Cavalier,Mysore Gate, Suspension Bridge etc
Religious attractions include Gamgadharesware Temple, Cauvery confluence (Sangam) and also the nearby Karighata Hill.

Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary and the nearby Balmuri and Yedamuri Falls are other popular tourist places around Srirangapatna

Masjid-E-Ala in Srirangapatna

Minaret of Masjid-E-Ala in Srirangapatna

Minaret of Masjid-E-Ala in Srirangapatna

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Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple

Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, after which the town is named is located in Srirangapatna island.


 A little upstream from the Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary  are two bunds across the river, locally called Balmuri and Yedamuri Falls. This is a popular picnic site for the folks of Mysore and around. Further up is Brindavan Gardens with the KRS Dam as its backdrop.

Balmuri and Yedamuri Falls

Balmuri near Mysore city is a popular picnic spot. In this area Cauvery river flows wide over a rocky bed.


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Water Gate

The ‘Water Gate’ is located in the northern fort wall, next to the Gangadharshwera Temple.The gateway opens to the shallower portion of the river.

Scott’s Bungalow

The disclaimer first.This is not for the “typical tourists” to Srirangapatna.