Bangalore to Mysore Train Fare

Here is a list of Bangalore to Mysore train fares.

The fares listed are approximate for various classes and types of trains. These are regular fares with reservation charges.

Also attached a list of trains from Bangalore to Mysore with timings (departure from Bangalore City Jn and arrival time at Mysore Jn)

Class (Code) Train Type Fare (Rs)
2 Second Sleeper (SL) Passenger100
3 Second Sleeper (SL) Express140
4 Second Sleeper (SL) Superfast170
5 Second Sitting (2S) Express75
6 Second Sitting (2S) Superfast90
7 First Class (FC) Passenger315
8 First Class AC Sleeper (1A) Express1155
9 First Class AC Sleeper (1A) Superfast1235
10 2-Tier AC Sleeper (2A)Express695
11 2-Tier AC Sleeper (2A)Superfast740
12 3-Tier AC Sleeper (3A)Express490
13 3-Tier AC Sleeper (3A)Superfast535
14 Executive Class (EC)Shatabdi835
15 Chair Car (CC)Shatabdi440
16 Chair Car (CC)Express255
17 Chair Car (CC)Superfast305

Apart for the reserved coaches, most of the express trains do have a couple of unreserved coaches.

Train No. Train Name Type Departure (SBC) Arrival (MYS) Class


Kaveri Express Express 04:00 06:50 2A 3A SL
22682 Mysore Express Superfast 05:40 08:20 2A 3A SL
16231 Mysore Express Express 06:00 09:00 2A 3A SL
16591 Hampi Express Express 06:30 09:20 1A 2A 3A SL
16235 Mysore Express Express 07:00 10:10 2A 3A SL
56214 Tirupati Passenger Fast Passenger 07:30 10:30 FC SL
16536 Golgumbaz Express Express 08:15 11:05 1A 2A 3A SL
16558 Rajyarani Express Express 10:30 13:15 CC 2S
12007 Shatabdi Express Shatabdi 11:00 13:00 EC CC
17308 Basava Express Express 11:15 13:50 2A 3A SL
12976 Jaipur Mysore Express Superfast 13:00 16:00 1A 2A 3A SL
12614 Tippu Express Superfast 15:00 17:30 CC 2S
16216 Chamundi Express Express 18:15 21:10 CC 2S
16523 Karwar Express Express 20:30 23:10 2A 3A SL
16517 Kannur Express Express 20:30 23:10 2A 3A SL
56264 Mysore Passenger Passenger 23:55 04:00 SL

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Note: The fares are approximate for indicative purpose, updated in July 2015. Check with the irctc.co.in for latest fares, updated timings and reservation.

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