Chamundi Express

Chamundi Express

Chamundi Express is a daily day express train that connects Mysore city with Bangalore. This train leaves for Bangalore in the morning and returns in the night, making it a very return travel option from Mysore to Bangalore.

The train is named after the hindu goddess, Chamundi considered as the presiding deity of Mysore.

Chamundi Express is the second express train in the morning to leave for Bangalore from Mysore at 6.45 am. The first express train in the morning to leave for Bangalore is the Bangalore Express (Train No : 16518/16524) at 5.30am. And of course there is a passenger train (Mysore-Bangalore Passenger / Train No:56231) that leaves Mysore at 5.50am.

The major part of the Chamundi Express is 2S (non ac sitting) type coaches. There is also an ac Chair Car (CC) coach. You need reservation to travel in Chamundi Express, though vacant seats are available for unreserved passengers. Of course there are a few unreserved general coaches too in Chamundi Express.

Regarding the ticket fare, the 2S one way ticket cost Rs60 for unreserved and Rs75 with seat reservation. The AC Chair Car (CC) ticket cost Rs255.

About the route, Chamundi Express first stop is Srirangapatna after Mysore. The train stops and Pandavapura and Mandya. Further stops before Bangalore City Jn are Maddur, Channapatna,Ramanagaram,Bidadi and Kengeri.

See the train timetable below for both Mysore to Bangalore and Bangalore to Mysore routes of Chamundi Express timings and stops.

Station (code)ArrivalDeparture
1 Mysore Jn (MYS) --- 06.45
2 Shrirangapattana (S) 06.59 07.00
3 Pandavapura (PANP) 07.04 07.05
4 Mandya (MYA) 07.28 07.30
5 Maddur (MAD) 07.48 07.50
6 Channapatna (CPT) 08.09 08.10
7 Ramanagaram (RMGM) 08.24 08.25
8 Bidadi (BID) 08.39 08.40
9 Kengeri (KGI) 09.04 09.05
10 Bangalore City Jn (SBC) 09.30 ---

Station (code) Arrival Departure
1 Bangalore City Jn (SBC) --- 18:15
2 Kengeri (KGI) 18:34 18:35
3 Bidadi (BID) 18:49 18:50
4 Ramanagaram (RMGM) 19:04 19:05
5 Channapatna (CPT) 19:14 19:15
6 Maddur (MAD) 19:34 19:35
7 Mandya (MYA) 19:48 19:50
8 Pandavapura (PANP) 20:19 20:20
9 Srirangapatna (S) 20:24 20:25
10 Mysore Junction (MYS) 21:10 ---

You can buy unreserved tickets from the counters at the railway station platform. Log in to irctc.co.in in for online booking. You may also check for the other train timings to travel from Mysore to Bangalore and returning from Bangalore to Mysore.

Note: The above details (Train Timings) added in July 2015. Pl check with indian railways website for updated train timings.You can do online reservations @ the irctc.co.in website

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