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Catch that overnight Cauvery Express  from Chennai (Train No: 16222 & for return Train No: 16221). This is a great options in terms of cost and time to travel from Chennai to Mysore.

If you are looking for a day travel aim at the Shatabdi Express. Though relatively expensive Shatabdi Express takes you from Chennai to Mysore in 7 hours flat, rivaling any other options. Shatabdi Express leaves Chennai (MAS) early in the morning (6 am) and reaches Mysore (MYS) by 1 pm. Also keep in mind on Wednesdays Shatabdi Express does not operate on either directions.

There are daily bus connections between Chennai and Mysore. Of which 5 are Volvo (AC) and 3 are Rajahamsa, both operated by KSRTC. The Tamilnadu State Express Transport Corporation too operate trips to Mysore from Chennai.

If you break your Chennai to Mysore journey into two laps, keeping Bangalore as the transit point, the options are a lot more than the above two trains or the direct bus services. There are many trains (even buses) between Channai and Bangalore. And Bangalore to Mysore is a well connected route by both train and bus.

In short if you are not able to get book a seat in the Cauvery Express, Shatabdi or in one of those direct buses, travel to Bangalore from Chennai. Then do the onward journey from Bangalore to Mysore , either by road or rail. See the other train options: Bangalore to Mysore train timings

Chennai to Mysore is well connected by a series of highways (about 500km). See Chennai to Mysore by road, if you are planing to drive.

Book well in advance as the train and bus connections between Chennai and Mysore usually get over booked, especially during the weekends and also during those holiday seasons.

Route map of Kaveri Express.

Route map of Kaveri Express.

Train | Bus | Tips for Mysore Travel !Bangalore to Kabini

Bangalore to Kabini

Kabini is not a place , rather a river's name. So for the sake of simplicity let's assume that Kabini as a destination mentioned here is the places around Kabini's backwaters on the fringes of Nagarhole forests, where the Kabini dam is located. Even that's quite a large area spanning... MORE ➜

Everything about Srirangapatna !Mysore to Nimishamba Temple

Mysore to Nimishamba Temple

How to Reach Nimishamba Temple from Mysore? Nimishamba Temple is about 17km north of Mysore city. Bus from Mysore to Nimishamba: Take the city bus going to Srirangapatna (Gumbaz). From Gumbaz, Nimishamba temple is a short walk. Alternatively you can take a Bangalore bound bus and get down at Srirangapatna... MORE ➜

Train | Bus | Tips for Mysore Travel !Kaveri Express

Kaveri Express

Cauvery Express or Kaveri Express ( Train No: 16021 / 16022 ) is a long distance train that links the capitals ( Bengaluru and Chennai ) of two south Indian States, Karnataka and Tamilnadu. This No. 16021 express train starts from Chennai Central and terminates at Mysore in Karnataka (via... MORE ➜

Train | Bus | Tips for Mysore Travel !Mysore to Ooty by Bus

Mysore to Ooty by Bus

There are about 20 daily services to Ooty by both Tamilnadu and Karnataka state transport corporations. Both of them operate from the Mysore KSRTC bus stand located in the city center. Out of this about 12 are operated by KSRTC. The class of services vary. Four of them are Bangalore... more ➜

Train | Bus | Tips for Mysore Travel !Goa to Mysore by Train

Goa to Mysore by Train

Goa to Mysore distance is around 600km (372miles). That's roughly the road distance. The rail distances roughly around 684km between Mysore City and Vasco Da Gama in Goa. There are no direct trains between Mysore and Goa. However if you can split the journey into two laps, you can manage... more ➜

Train | Bus | Tips for Mysore Travel !Bangalore to Mysore by Road

Bangalore to Mysore by Road

Bangalore to Mysore distance by road is about 140 kilometers. The driving time and distance of course depends of from where and when you are staring in Bangalore. Otherwise it is typically a 3 hours drive, including a short break at one of those drive in restaurants en route. Bangalore... more ➜

Train | Bus | Tips for Mysore Travel !Mysore Road Map

Mysore Road Map

The first map shows major roads inside Mysore city and the outer Ring Road. The second Mysore Road Map shows road routes to major places around Mysore city. Also the highways connecting Mysore with other cities.

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