There are no direct flights between Goa and Mysore.

From Goa (GOI) fly to Bangalore (BLR) there are a few daily direct flights from Goa to Bangalore. Goa-Bengaluru flight time is just over an hour.

The lone flight (SpiceJet) to Mysore (MYQ) from Bangalore is suspended. However check it out, there could be special flights scheduled  during the festival seasons.

Try the Fly Bus Service, that directly take you to Mysore City from Bangalore Airport. You can book the FlyBus seat in advance at the KSRTC online reservation portal (

Also, if you are not able to get a direct flight to Bangalore from Goa, try the Goa-Mumbai-Bangalore sector. There there are quite a good number of options.

Also there are other travel options to Mysore  like train and bus, or even hiring a taxi from Bangalore.

Goa to Mysore Flights

Goa to Mysore Flights

Goa to Mysore Flights. The BLR-MYQ regular flights (SpiceJet) are suspended. See the road and Rail options to travel between Bangalore and Mysore.

Train | Bus | Tips for Mysore Travel !

KSRTC Booking

KSRTC ( Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation), the state owned bus operator operates numerous bus services to and via Mysore.For short distance travels you would not require an advance booking as tickets can be bought directly from the bus.


Hampi Express

Hampi Express connects Hubli with Mysore.The train is so named thanks to its route via Hospet, the nearest railway station for Hampi.


Mysore Airport

Goa to Mysore Flights

There are no direct flights between Goa and Mysore.From Goa (GOI) fly to Bangalore (BLR) there are a few daily direct flights from Goa to Bangalore.


Mysore to Ooty by Bus

There are about 20 daily services to Ooty by both Tamilnadu and Karnataka state transport corporations.Both of them operate from the Mysore KSRTC bus stand located in the city center.

Location and route map for Resorts in Kabini

Kabini Resorts

Kabini reservoir on the fringes of the Nagarhole National Park is popular for its many wildlife resorts.The most authentic among them is of course the Kabini River Lodge operated by Jungle Lodges & Resorts Ltd.


Howrah Mysore Express

Route and Stops for the Howrah Mysore Express Train ( Number 22817/22818) .This weekly train travels almost along the east coast of  India and ends at Mysore via Bangalore.

Mumbai to Mysore

There are three options to travel from Mumbai to Mysore : by train, bus and flight.Of course, people do drive all the way to Mysore by car, making it the third option.