There are quite a few hotels near the railway station. The closest ones are on the JLB road. There are also a few on the Vinoba Road (Hunsur Road) a shot distance from the railway station.

Hotel Mayura Hoysala: This state owned ( KSTDC) hotel is probably the closest to the Mysore Railway Station. You can walk from railway station to this hotel. It's at the second junction (the first is right in front of the station) , on your left on the JLB road.

Hotel King's Kourt: This aptly named hotel for Mysore is located right after the Hotel Mayura Hoysala. In other words this hotel too is close to the railway station.

Sree Guru Residency: This is another mid range hotel close to railway station.This hotel is a few meters off the JLB road, though you can easily spot the arch of the hotel facing the JLB road. And that makes its ambiance a bit less noisy, compared to other hotels that are facing the busy JLB road.

Hotel Metropole: This is one of the few heritage hotels in Mysore. Originally this mansion like hotel was built by the Mysore royals to accommodate foreign guests to the palace. This is one of the closest hotels to the Mysore railway station. It is at the junction where the Vinobha Road meets JLB Road. With its old-world charm, the restaurant is popular for buffets.

Hotel Regaalis : This one among the top luxury hotels in Mysore (erstwhile Southern Star ) on the Vinobha Road just behind the Hotel Metropole. Though Regaalis is not a heritage hotel, it is located very much in the heritage heartland of Mysore city.

You may also check out the hotels near Mysore Palace.

Folklore Museum

This is a hidden gem in Mysore.A typical tourist to the city is hardly aware its presence, leave alone adding it to the itinerary.


Oriental Research Institute

Established in 1891 as Oriental Library by the mysore king, Chamarajendra Wadiyar X, the Oriental Research Institute is a unique establishment in the country.ORI is located at the northern end of the Krishnaraja Boulevard Road near the Crawford Hall.


Mysore Hotels

Draw a triangle on the Mysore city's map connecting the Railway Station , Palace and the Mysore KSRTC Bus station - a great majority of the hotels and lodges in the city are inside or around this triangle.Here is a sampler list, grouped based on various factors like location, tariff etc ..


GRS Fantasy Park

GRS Fantasy Park is located on the Outer Ring Road, where it crosses the KRS Road.


Mysore Gate

Mysore gate is on the southern wall of the Srirangapatna Fort.As the name indicates, this gateway faces in the direction of Mysore city.

Itinerary for Mysore sightseeing

Mysore City Itinerary

For a novice visitor, Mysore is a pretty easygoing and welcoming city.It's neither too big to comprehend , nor too small to 'finish' quickly.


Baillie’s Tomb

Baillie’s Tomb at Srirangapatna