Loyal World is an old supermarket of Mysore city, that enjoys a good patronage from the local population as its clientele. They have a few outlets scattered around the city, all under the brand name Loyal World.

However the one on the Temple Road in VV Mohalla (Vani Vilas Mohalla) is their flagship store. The details provided here are about the one on the Temple Road.

Many years (during 2000 or so) it was a much small supermarket, rather a relatively bigger grocery shop in today's scale. That was the time the word supermarket had a very different meaning and impression. Infosys was yet to build its swanky campus in Mysore. Name like Fab City (now its More), Spencers, Food World, Big Bazaar, Reliance Super Market etc were unheard of.  At the parking lot of Loyal World there used be hardly half a dozen cars. Mysore was different, Loyal world also was different.

Over the years Loyal World at Temple Road has metamorphosed into a chic shopping center which is a lot more practical, and human in scale compared to the gigantic ones that later forayed into the city with lots of fanfare. There was even a time when some mega mall in the city had to erect temporary bamboo barricades to control the crowd, much like how the crowd is managed on the release of a megastar blockbuster movie . That is not an enviable situation to be in if you are out there to buy the month's grocery.

Of course Loyal World has its peak seasons too where the cash counter queues get growing.

That typically the weekends, early every month and also during the festival seasons, and in the evenings.The lobby of the Loyal World is lined with a pastry shop and a fruits & vegetable stall. Both of them are detached from the main supermarket and you can buy items directly over the counter and pay the sales staff directly. They always have a keep a decent variety and fresh stock. You'll find both imported and local fruits and mostly local vegetables.

Groceries, toiletries and other regular needs are stocked in the ground floor of Loyal World supermarket. They do have a good collection of rice varieties including the branded Basmati varieties.

Further on the mezzanine is the cold storage. You'll find the packaged ice-creams, meat, fish and even the frozen parathas. Cosmetics and the stationary sections too are on the mezzanine. Near by is a magazine stand with a reasonably good collection of magazines, mostly English.

Go to the first floor for utensils,baggage section and even for a mini electronic gadget section. Beyond this is the sections for toys,kids wear and gift articles.

There are separate cash counters on all the floors and the mezzanine, though the ones near the entrance are usually busy, so is the groceries section on the ground floor.

In the same shopping complex building are a few more cloths shops and a couple of eateries. The atrium has a nice coffee and juice bar. Overlooking the atrium is Pearl De Royal, a multi-cuisine restaurant.

There is even a Baskin Robbins Ice-cream outlet, located just by the end of the fruit stall. If you fancy some local varieties, there are two kiosks outside selling freshly crushed sugarcane juice and another one selling a steam baked corn with assorted flavors.
Right next to the Loyal World is the Dominos Pizza. Opposite and across the road is the Pizza Hut. Further towards the Vontikoppal side around the junction of 3rd Main and the Temple road is Barista.

Along with the local population of Mysore, Loyal World has a significant clientele that is multilingual, and even multi national. That's thanks to the proximity of the Mysore  University campus and the many businesses in Mysore that brought people from all around the country and from many other parts of the world.

Loyal World is located midway on the Temple Road that connects KRS Road with Hunsur Road. On the KRS Road, at Vontikoppal signal turn into Temple Road. Or if you are coming from the Mysore University side Temple road starts from a signal on the Hunsur road between the BM Hospital and Bhudevi Farm nursery.

Or you can even take the Kalidasa Road that branches from the KRS Road at the fork of Cheluvanba Park, that will eventually cross the Temple Road near Loyal World. From Vijayanagar side too the best way to reach Loyal World is by Kalidasa Road. Take the deviation near Reliance Supermarket as it is one-way this hits the Temple Road. There is even a city bus stop right in front of Loyal World.
Though much smaller in scale, the other branches of Loyal World are located in Kuvempu Nagar (at hotel Santisagar Junction), near Maruthi Temple at TK Layout ( close to the International Youth Hostel) and also on Shivaji Road, N.R.Mohalla. There is even one inside the Infosys Campus.

Loyal World Supermarket on Temple Road

Loyal World Supermarket on Temple Road, Mysore

Loyal World Supermarket on Temple Road

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