Mysore Dasara 2011

Mysore Dasara 2011

Every year Mysore Dasara is celebrated as the Nadahabba (state festival) in Mysore. The dates for this 10 day 9 nights festival is announced based on the traditional calendar system. Dasara festivities in 2011 starts on September 28 and ends on October 6.

Though it is known by different names, this is in fact a pan India festival season ever since time immemorial,. For Mysore this is a tradition of celebrating Dasara dates back to the year 1610, when the first such festival was held by Raja Wodeyar I. In other words Mysore Dasara 2010 marked the 400th anniversary of this grandeur celebration.

In the modern day Mysore Dasara is also a major tourism event. for 10 days the city is abuzz with numerous cultural and traditions sports events. Of late even attractions like aerobatics are added to the Mysore Dasara program schedule. Everything culminate into a grand procession called the Jumbo savari and a traditional torch light parade.

Mysore Dasara 2011 dates will be officially announced along with the program schedules. By the way Mysore Dasara 2011 is the 401th edition (yes 400 years!) of this royal festival.

The gand procession ( also called Jumbo Savari) and the Torch light parade mark the fitting finale of the 10 day festival in Mysore city.
The Jumbo Savari starts from the Mysore Palace by the afternoon on October 6 , 2011 and passes through the atrial roads of the city. The Torch light parade is held in the same day night at the Bannimantap Grounds. Both are highly popular and crowded events.



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