Draw a triangle on the Mysore city's map connecting the Railway Station , Palace and the Mysore KSRTC Bus station - a great majority of the hotels and lodges in the city are inside or around this triangle.

Here is a sampler list, grouped based on various factors like location, tariff etc ..

Budget Hotels in Mysore : Mysore has a great deal of low budget hotels and lodges. This is a backpacker's paradise!
Mid Range Hotels in Mysore : Majority of hotels aimed at Mysore's tourism are mid budget hotels. You'll find plenty of them to chose from.

Hotels near Mysore Palace : A lot many prefer 'exotic' locations like, the one overlooking the palace complex.

Hotels in Mysore near bus stand : The KSRTC Bus station surroundings has a good number of mid range and budget hotels. The Nilgiri road that passes via the bus stand is packed with a number of them.

Hotels near Mysore Railway station : Most of them are on the JLB road and the Vinoba Road, just around the corner from the railway station

There are quite a number of large hotels that are off from the city center. Some of them are listed here:

Green Hotel : This is an upscale but traditional hotel located some 6 kilometers from the city center. This is sought after by those relish the taste for heritage stays.

Lalitha Mahal palace : This is most coveted accommodation in Mysore. The hotel is in fact an erstwhile palace make by the Myosre royals. This five star hotel is located near the Chamundi Hills
a few kilometers southeast of the city center.

Golden Landmark Resort: This landscaped resort is located on the way to the KRS ( Brindavan Gardens). The place is known for its peaceful surroundings and cuisine. This is a great break point for lunch if you are heading via the ring road.

The Windflower Spa and Resorts: An exotic spa located in the foothills of Chamundi.

Dasaprakash Paradise Hotel : This large hotel is located in the residential neighborhoods of Mysore city.

Royal Orchid Brindavan : Thanks to its location , this is one of its kind of hotel in Mysore. Located at a vantage point with unobstructed view of the Brindavan garden and the KRS Dam. This is about 15 km out of city.

Mysore has a plethora of hotels - right from those backpackers' hideouts to the palatial star hotels- scattered all around the city. The not so happy news is , they get over booked during the peak seasons. The tightness is felt more in the mid range and budget hotels during the festival and tourist season.

What it means is during the off season, you can walk in without prior reservations. To be doubly sure, book your accommodation in advance if you are visiting Mysore during the peak seasons (Winter season (December-January, Summer holidays (April-May), Dussehra festival in October ) . The same could be true for booking trains and buses too.

Bangalore Mysore Road and the KRS Road.

Bangalore Mysore Road and the KRS Road to Brindavan Gardens. Also see the Outer Ring Road that bypasses Mysore city.

Bangalore Mysore Road , KRS Road to Brindavan Gardens and the Outer Ring Road

Everything about Mysore Hotels !

Green Hotel

The Green Hotel in Mysore is unique in many ways.First of all the hotel is part of Mysore's heritage buildings.


Lalitha Mahal Palace

Lalitha Mahal Palace

From a historic perspective Lalitha Mahal palace stand for two things : the wealth of the erstwhile Mysore kingdom and the cosy relationship the maharajas of Mysore had with the British.In size Lalitha Mahal palace is second only to the Ambavilas palace , popularly called the Mysore palace.


Lalitha Mahal Palace

Heritage Hotels in Mysore

Mysore has a few heritage hotels that adds to the aurora of its colonial past as well as the regal legacy.


Golden Landmark Resort

Everything is blended in a thickly wooded undulating landscape.This is not an artificial landscape and environs that one would find in a typical modern resort.


Hotel Regaalis

Hotel Regaalis (erstwhile Southern Star) is located right in the heart of Mysore City.Easily one of the super luxury hotels in Mysore.


Royal Orchid Brindavan

Royal Orchid Brindavan is a 4 star hotel overlooking the Brindavan Gardens near Mysore.This is one of the heritage hotels in Mysore.


Hotel Govardhan

Hotel Govardhan on Sri Harsha Road, Mysore.A popular choice for those prefer budget tariff , but still look for some conveniences.