Of the 14,000 tons silk produced in the country every year, nearly 70% of the mulberry silk is produced in Karnataka state, an overwhelming part of it comes from Mysore district.

Silk Mark label on silk cloth

Silk Mark label on silk cloth

Silk Mark, a label that assures genuine quality silk.

Everything about Mysore!

Easy Day

Easy Day is a new shopping mall in Mysore.This is on the Gokulam Road (behind BM Hospital on Hunsur road).

Mysore Yoga

Mysore is the Yoga capital of India.Before going into further details, a quick idea of what is yoga for those who are new to this concept.

Farms in Ooty

Mysore to Ooty

Mysore and Ooty (Nilgiris in Tamilnadu) makes two ideal pair of destinations.  Ooty is south of Mysore.These are well connected adjacent districts.


Urban Wildlife in Mysore

Yes.You read it right - urban wildlife in Mysore!


Mysore Dasara

Dasara festival have both mythical and historical association with the city of Mysore.The 10 day (and 9 nights) celebration denotes the mythical victory of the good over the evil.


Dhanvantri Road

Dhanvantri Road connects the JLB Road with the Sayyaji Rao Road.  To the east end of the  Dhanvantri road are the Devaraja Market and the KR Hospital while the west end joins the JLB Road near Mysore railway station.  This road fringes a busy market area, you will find a large mumber of handicraft shops and a number of budget lodg...


Devaraj Urs Road

Devaraja Urs Road or Devaraj Urs Road ( officially, D Devaraj Urs Road , named after the erstwhile reformist chief minister of the state) is a road passes through the main commercial area of Mysore city.This road stands in the middle of a an old locality called Devaraja Mohalla.