This restaurant is right in the middle of the residential locality.

It's clientele are the local residents, unlike the ones located closer to the popular tourists circuit of Mysore. And mostly it is the younger lot - students and those working in companies around the area. And of course Pearl De Loyal is at the first floor of the popular Loyal World supermarket frequented by the local population. To that extend there is even an overflow from the shopping crowd.

The layout of the restaurant is in the classical kitchen overlooking the dining area style. It is reasonably spacious with many rows of tables. It typically gets packed during the weekends, especially in the evenings. So you may need to wait for some time till a table gets free.

The have fried chicken under their brand 'Big Chicken' that looks like the one you get at KFC. But this one is a bit oily and a tad less crispy with respect to the KFC's version. You get some 4 pieces for Rs150. Even there is an order for 2 pieces.

The menu contains a variety of fried rice items and other assorted chicken and fish based dishes. There are even standard items like 'Couple Meals'.

After entering the Loyal World Supermarket building, head to the first floor taking the stairs around the atrium. And not to confuse their coffee/ Juice  bar spread around the central atrium as the restaurant.

Pearl De Royal at Mysore

Pearl De Royal restaurant at Temple Road, VV Mohalla, Mysore

Pearl De Royal the restaurant attached to Loyal World Supermarket in Mysore

Mysore Hotels

Draw a triangle on the Mysore city's map connecting the Railway Station , Palace and the Mysore KSRTC Bus station - a great majority of the hotels and lodges in the city are inside or around this triangle.Here is a sampler list, grouped based on various factors like location, tariff etc ..


Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta

Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta ( also called Himavad Gopalswamy Betta) is one of those isolated yet accessible attractions in this part of Karnataka.The temple is located atop a hill popularly called Himavad Gopalaswamy Temple.


Mysore to Sulthan Bathery

Mysore to Sulthan Bathery route (Route C) is by far the busiest (and popular) of the three options from Mysore to Wayanad.The other options being Mysore to Mananthavady either via HD Kote (Route B) or via Hunsur (Route A).



Westside is a popular chain of clothing outlet owned by the Tata group.The Mysore outlet of Westside is on the Vishwamanava Double Road (Saraswathipuram Double Road) a little south of Vijayabank circle.

Urban Haat

Urban Haat stands out in a village like ambient in stark contrast with the hoopla of other seasonal fairs and exhibitions in Mysore.The idea of Urban Haat is noble, to promote the business of artisans in the country.

Hotel Dasaprakash

There are two Dasaprakash hotels in Mysore, both run by the same management.While the old hotel is located right in the city center, the relatively new Dasapakash Paradise is located a in the city's residential area a few kilometers from the city center.


Mysore Dasara

Dasara festival have both mythical and historical association with the city of Mysore.The 10 day (and 9 nights) celebration denotes the mythical victory of the good over the evil.