Wildlife Resorts in Kabini

Most of the safari lodges and wildlife resorts resorts are around the edges of the Kabini backwater and closer to the Nagarhole National Park.

The most famous of them - and the oldest too - is the state run Kabini River Lodge , popularly known as JLR after its promoters, the Jungle Lodges and Resorts. JLR Kabini is a sprawling resort near to a village called, Karapura on the way to Wayanad from Mysore (Mysore to Mananthavady Road via HD Kote).

Neighbouring to JLR is Waterwoods Lodge and the upscale resort The Serai Kabini of the Cafe Coffee Day group.

These three Kabini resorts are almost in a row on the same shores of Kabini,though a couple of kilometers apart from each other. You can drive to them by the same road from Karapura village. You'll end up in front of JLR, from where turn left for Serai or right for Waterwoods Lodge.

Kaav Safari Lodge is another luxury wildlife resort in Kabini backwaters. Of all the safari lodges in Kabini , Kaav is on the very edges of Nagarhole forest, while the rest are on the edges of the water. The access to Kaav too is through the Mysore to Mananthavadi road. Need to take a right diversion a little ahead of the Karapura village junction.

The Bison Wildlife Resort is further ahead on the edges of Backwaters from the Karapura. Bison Wildlife Resort is unique for the tended cottages facing the backwaters.

That's about the resorts on the north side of Kabini backwaters.

On the other side of Kabini backwaters is the ultra luxury Orange County Kabini. This resort, styled like tribal village on the edges of the backwaters is by far the highest luxury experience in the Kabini region. The Orange County Kabini in practically landlocked between Nagarhole and Bandipur National Parks, making it one of its kind resorts in this part of the country.

The access to Orange County Kabini is from the the Mananthavadi road, just like most of the other resorts around Kabini. The only difference is you need to drive around the backwaters to reach the southern backs where the resort is located. Take the left (straight) diversion after about 3km from the Hand Post junction on the way to Karapura on the Mananthavadi Road.

Many of them offers direct online booking through their websites and thirdparty hotel booking portals like makemytrip.com, ww.tripadvisor.in, booking.com etc. For other's you can call directly to book.

By and large the biggest city for intercity connections for the wildlife resorts & lodges in Kabini is Mysore and Bangalore. The road to Kabini from Mysore is in great shape to drive, though you'll find the last 2 to 4 kilometers a bit bumpy.

Orange County Kabini www.orangecounty.in/kabini-resorts
Jungle Lodges and Resorts (JLR): www.junglelodges.com/kabini-river-lodge
The Serai Kabini : www.theserai.in/resorts-kabini
Kaav Safari Lodge : www.kaav.com
Kabini Lake View Resort : www.kabiniresorts.in
The Bison Wildlife Resort : thebisonresort.com
Red Earth Kabini : www.redearthkabini.in
Waterwoods Lodge : www.waterwoods.in

wWildlife Resorts in Kabini  
Kabini Resorts Route Map

Location and route map for Resorts in Kabini

Kabini Resorts Route Map

Location and route map for Resorts in Kabini

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Location and route map for Resorts in Kabini

Location and route map for Resorts in Kabini



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