The Wind Flower Spa and Resorts is located near the Chamundi hills of Mysore.

The Wind Flower Spa and Resorts-6

Gaint chess board at the Wind Flower Resorts

The Wind Flower Spa and Resorts at Mysore

Hardwick School

Hardwick School school on JLB Road, Mysore.

Mayiladuturai Mysore Express

Route and Stops for the Mayiladuturai Mysore Express ( Train Number 16231/16232 ).The Train Timings is updated on July 2015.

Sri Harsha Road

This is a short road located on the northern outskirts of Mysore Palace.Sri Harsha road (also Harsha Road)  starts from Silver Jubilee Clock Tower and the Chamaraja circle and ends on the road to bus stand near the Woodlands cinema theater.


Mysore to Serai Kabini route (distance 80km) : Mysore —>48km–>Handpost Jn (straight) –>3km–>Kabini Dam diversion (turn right)–>12km –>Rajiv Gandhi National Park Gate (Closed) (turn left) –>15km–>Karapura Village square (turn left)  –>2km–>Cross Roads (turn left & then right) –>1km–>The Serai Kabini

Mysore to Serai Kabini

The Serai Kabini is located on the north banks of the Kabini reservoir on the edges of Nagarhole National Park.  Mysore to Serai Kabini distance is about 80km,  oriented southwest of Mysore city.Take the SH33 from Mysore to Mananthavady.


Mysore Palace Timings

Mysore Palace is open for visitors everyday from 10 am to 5.30 pm.There is no weekly off for Mysore Palace!


Mysore to Nimishamba Temple

How to Reach Nimishamba Temple from Mysore?Nimishamba Temple is about 17km north of Mysore city.


Opera Cinema

Opera cinema on Sri Harsha Road.