Mysore! It is difficult to say if Mysore is a modern city that is trying hard to uphold traditions, or an old world city that tries even harder to spot a modern outlook.

Whatever the truth be, the word Mysore evokes a lot of anticipation.
You can still anticipate a lot more, and Mysore has the character to match all those expectations. And lastly Mysore won't burn a big hole in your wallet. It is more likely the time that you will get hard pressed for, rather than the budget in exploring Mysore.
This city is not a typical tourist trap, albeit the fact that it is a major tourism destination that attracts millions of visitors every year.You may a classic tourist to Mysore with a 'must see' and 'must do' checklist in hand.

Be ready for a jam-packed Mysore itinerary. Or you may be of genre wants to keep everything touristy a mile away. You'll pleasantly surprised to the subtile side of Mysore, those guidebooks could never articulate.
As a visitor to Mysore, it is very unlikely that you would go back unsatisfied.

Mysore Palace domes

Mysore Palace domes

Mysore Palace domes. Practically each of these dome styles represents different schools of architectural styles used in India. See the architecture of Mysore Palace


Itinerary for Mysore sightseeing

Attractions in Mysore City

Take a look at the Mysore City Itinerary to make you tour plan.


Attractions Near Mysore

Here is a list of popular excursion points from Mysore.Checkout the routes options, distances from Mysore city and build your itinerary.


Itinerary for Mysore sightseeing

Mysore City Itinerary

For a novice visitor, Mysore is a pretty easygoing and welcoming city.It's neither too big to comprehend , nor too small to 'finish' quickly.


Hotels in Mysore near Bus Stand

Hotels located near and around the KSRTC bus stand from where the intercity and inter state buses operate.You may also wants to explore hotels near railway station
Hotel Pai Vista : This is a swanky hotel located right across the KSRTC bus station.

Hotels near Mysore Palace

Some of the hotels near Mysore palace.The Hotel Viceroy: This is first hotel you would see on the Harsha road where a row of hotels are located.

Hotels near Mysore Railway Station

Hotels near Mysore Railway station

There are quite a few hotels near the railway station.The closest ones are on the JLB road.

Mid Range Hotels in Mysore

Mid range tariff hotels in Mysore.Country Inn & Suites By Carlson : Away from the city center, this hotel is located in the Hebbal Industrial Area , a suburb of Mysore.