Devaraja Urs Road or Devaraj Urs Road ( officially, D Devaraj Urs Road , named after the erstwhile reformist chief minister of the state) is a road passes through the main commercial area of Mysore city.

This road stands in the middle of a an old locality called Devaraja Mohalla. This used to be a residential area with a weekly market at a corner. That weekly market is now the Devaraja Market. The road that passed through the middle of  Devaraja Mohalla is expanded into Devaraj Urs Road with many modern shops and buildings attached on either side, replacing the erstwhile terracotta roofed houses. You can still see some of those old houses on the lanes behind the building on either sides of Devaraj Urs Road. Now this is a busy commercial street of Mysore.

For a visitor to the city, it's about a km long stroll without any particular intension of shopping.
On the Mysore city map you'll find the Devaraj Urs Road in a east-west orientation with the west end joining the JLB Road a bit south of  Mysore Railway Station and the east end as one of the roads radiating out of the KR Circle, which is practically the northwest corner of Mysore Palace.

Shops - especially the cloth shops and eateries - are packed during the festival seasons, month beginnings ( celebrating salary day! ) and weekends in that order. Devaraj Urs Road is all about shopping and ( when you get tiered of shopping )  a bit of light dining too.
You will easily get intense coffee smell as you walk on Devaraj Urs Road from the chaotic KR Circle end.

That's because there are a couple of shops sell coffee powder in this side of the street. You can buy select coffee beans and get it grinded right infront of you. People specific about the taste (people like the chicory mix in various levels) get their 'customized' coffee powder from such shops. This is in contrast with the standard coffee packets one picks from the supermarkets. The whole coffee powder business lets out a good level of aroma. If are looking for buying coffee beans or powder, and unable to trace the shop by smell, ask for Usha Tea & Coffee Company. They are located somewhere midway on your right as you walk towards JLB Road on Devaraj Urs Road.

Somewhere on the opposite side is the Navarang Matching Center, a small cloth shop. The shelves of the shop is jam packed with cloth rolls of assorted colors. This is the place where the women of the city head to buy a matching pair of cloth for their newly bought sari. Of course to be fair there are may 'matching centers' in the city, one excelling the other. With their collections they can match to anything from the ochre nail polish to the purple strap of your sandals to the Persian red vanity bag you are carrying.
In the evenings you can see many casual walkers on Devaraj Urs Road , a good number of tourists who are keen to explore the city's life, on this road doing the so called people watching. One kilometer may looks shorter for a walk, but you may find it a tad exhausting as the road is slightly uphill towards  the JLB Road. And possibly that's the reason why may of the eateries like the Dosa Point, Bombay Tiffanies, Cafe Coffee Day etc are all located at this end of the road and doing brisk business!

Dosa Point is a great place to taste some traditional cuisine. This almost towards the JLB Road end of Devaraj Urs Road. The entry is a narrow slit on the rows of shops that you would easily miss in an otherwise glittering neighborhoods of Devaraj Urs Road. Once inside it is relatively spacious, but nothing comparable to a typical restaurant in Mysore. But what is short in space they catchup with their menu. It's quite long and exhaustive, especially in the Dosa regime. A good number of propositions are added to Dosa, and you get some mouth-watering varieties anything from Plain Dosa to Set Dosa to Paper Dosa to Onion Dosa to Rava Dosa, and finally the king of all Masala Dosa....oops Mysore Masala Dosa.
Next to the Dosa Joint is Bombay Tiffanies Annexe. Suddenly at the Bombay Tiffanies the footpath swells with people dine by the roadside. That's because the Chaat Shop attached to Bombay Tiffanies. Many prefers the stand on the foot path in front of their shop than using their restaurant upstairs. The fanfare is typical.... Paani Poori, Dahi Poori, Masala Poori and so on. The added speciality is that 'Badam Milk' which has something to chew also. Tell if you want the hot or cold variety.
Chaats apart, Bombay Tiffanies is mainly popular for their milky sweets and specie savourites. If you like some thing of Mysore origin, ask for Mysore Pak, a yellow coloured cake made of milk, sugar and a great deal of  ghee ( clarified butter) . Usually it is kept at your eye level on the counter top!

Shops on Devaraj Urs road generally close by 9 in the night, some even a bit earlier. However during the festival seasons business typically stretches till say 10 in the night. In any case Mysore doesn't have a nightlife that stretches too late into the night.
There are no bus services on Devaraj Urs road. But that doesn't mean vehicular traffic is any less. This is an one way road where traffic is allowed only to the direction of JLB Road. You can park your car or bike on Devaraj Urs road. During weekends and also during the peak hours (evenings) it's tight to get some space, especially for cars.
When parking on Devaraj Urs road gets full, drive ahead and take that left turn on to JLB road at the signal. There is some good parking space available on JLB Road, but it is on the other side of the JLB road. Continue further on JLB Road, take a U turn and drive back towards the signal that you've crossed. The parking space is before the signal on the JLB Road.


Devaraja Urs Road

Devaraja Urs Road

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