JLB Road ( Jhansi Lakshmibai Road ) is an important road in Mysore city that connects the Mysore Railway station with the NH212 (Ooty Road). The main entrance of the railway station faces a junction where two roads start - JLB Road and the Irwin Road. Any one accessing the railway station invariably uses one of these two roads.

While the Irwin Road heads east towards KSRTC Bus Stand, JLB Road heads southward to the outskirts, after crossing many large junctions in the city.

Starting from the railway station side, the first junction on the JLB Road (the first traffic signal ) is where the KRS Road and Dhanavantri Road start from the junction of JLB Road.
Dhanavantri Road appears on your left on the JLB Road, and heads towards east (parallel to Irwin Road) and connects JLB Road with Sayyaji Rao Road. On the opposite side of the junction the KRS Road takes you out of the city and heads towards KRS (Krishna Raja Sagara, ie Brindavan Gardens). So for reaching Brindavan,  from Mysore city take KRS Road from JLB road. It's about 15km to the KRS from JLB Road.

At the junction on your left on JLB road is Hotel Mayura Hoysala, the state owned ( KSTDC) hotel. Next to that on the same side of Hotel Mayura Hoysala is Hotel King’s Kourt.  On your right a little ahead on the above junction is a lane that leads to Sree Guru Residency, a popular mid-range hotel close to the railway station.
A little ahead on JLB road appears the second traffic signal where the SH88A (popularly, Hunsur Road ) joins the JLB road.

At the right corner of this junction is Hotel Metropole, a heritage hotel in Mysore. Take the right deviation into Hunsur Road for places like Madikeri ( Coorg district ) , Hassan etc. Or any places on the northwest quarter of the city. The Hunsur road exits the city in a northwest direction. If you are heading towards places like Mysore University campus, Hotel Regalis ( erstwhile Southern Star), CFTRI (Central Food Technological Research Institute),Kala Mandir, Green Hotel, Infosys campus etc.
The left branch of the junction (opp. to Hunsur Road) is Shivarampet road, that goes through the busy market lanes and finally joins the northwest corner of the Mysore Palace complex.
Further on the JLB Road, you'll cross another signal where the busy Devaraja Urs Road joins JLB Road on your left. You can not turn into Devaraja Urs Road as it is an one way. However you can turn right into the road flanked with a gateway. This will hit the Gordon House which is now the Mysore Deputy Commissioner’s (DC) office. Before that you'll cross the  Maharani's College that is located on the sides of the road to Gordon House. All of which are heritage landmarks of Mysore. By the way at the corner of the Devaraja Urs Road and JLB Road junction is one of the Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) joints in Mysore.
After the above junction, on your left will appear the Chamundi Guesthouse. A little ahead on your right will appear two long buildings along the right of the road, the first is the Institute of Engineers and then the MUDA ( Mysore Urban Development Authority ).

Just after this is another signal where the Ramavilas Road ( Radhakrishnan avenue ) crosses JLB Road. The right of Radhakrishnan avenue heads towards Cosmopolitan Club, Ramya Hotel, University Oval Ground, Oriental Research Institute, Crawford Hall, Kukkarahalli Lake, Youth Hostel etc . The left branch of Ramavilas Road joins Sayyaji Rao Road, right behind the Mysore Palace compound.
A major intersection on the JLB Road is the Ramaswamy Circle (also Five Lights circle), named after a boy who was shot dead in 1947 by the then Deputy Commissioner Nagaraja Rao. This is a 5 road junction where Chamaraja Double road crosses the JLB Road.
The next junction on JLB Road is the RTO Circle located close to the Regional Transport Office. This again is a 5 roads junction. At this junction the JLB Road takes the left fork of the Y. This further crosses the New Kantharaja Urs road, Madhavachar Road and Narayan Shastri Road before terminating on the Ooty Road ( NH 212) near JSS College. On the NH 212 turn left for Mysore city, right for Nanjangud, Calicut, Ooty etc. The straight road ( along the same axis of JLB Road) after crossing the NH212 winds its way to the foothills of Chamundi Hills, from where the steps to the hill top starts.

JLB Road

JLB Road in Mysore

JLB Road in Mysore city

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Cafe Coffee Day

Mysore city has more than half a dozen Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) outlets.The oldest one is at the Kalidasa road, above the Green Leaf Restaurant.

Jumbo Savari

The count down to Mysore Dasara starts as elephants begins their march from their camps fringing the forests to Mysore City.During the days of the maharajs, the elephants march all the way to the palace, the march is called Gajapayana (literally elephant march).


Why Mysore?

Why is Mysore so popular as a tourism destination?There are many reasons ranging from historic to geographic, and to some extend even economical factors that made Mysore a sought after destination.
This had been the capital for a very happening place in this part of the world.


Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak or Mysorepa, sometimes it is called, is a sweet dish of Karnataka, believed to be first created in the kitchens of the Mysore Palace.It seems this was made out of curious experiments by an erstwhile cook of the palace , and it became a sudden hit among the royal folks.


Mysore Silk

Of the 14,000 tons silk produced in the country every year, nearly 70% of the mulberry silk is produced in Karnataka state, an overwhelming part of it comes from Mysore district.


Irwin Road in Mysore named after the architect of the the Mysore Palace

Irwin Road

Irwin Road, name after the architect of Mysore Palace, connects Myosre Railway station with the Mysore KSRTC Bus Stand.


Pearl De Loyal

This restaurant is right in the middle of the residential locality.It's clientele are the local residents, unlike the ones located closer to the popular tourists circuit of Mysore.