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Mysore and Ooty (Nilgiris in Tamilnadu) makes two ideal pair of destinations.  Ooty is south of Mysore. These are well connected adjacent districts. You can also add a couple of other attractions en route. The highlight of the travel is crossing the wildlife sanctuaries (Bandipur National Park & Mudumalai Tigre Reserve ) part of the Western Ghats .

The most popular means to travel from Mysore to Ooty are by bus and car.

There are many private tour operators and the the state run KRSTC that operate regular bus services to Ooty.


Check out the routes options to travel from Mysore to Ooty.

Ooty & Mysore location

Ooty & Mysore location

Ooty & Mysore location

Everything about Mysore!Why Mysore?

Why Mysore?

Why is Mysore so popular as a tourism destination? There are many reasons ranging from historic to geographic, and to some extend even economical factors that made Mysore a sought after destination.   This had been the capital for a very happening place in this part of the world. This... MORE ➜

Train | Bus | Tips for Mysore Travel !Mysore to Ooty Routes

Mysore to Ooty Routes

The road distance between Mysore and Ooty is about 164 km. It takes about 4-5 hours travel, from Mysore to Ooty by road. Mysore to Ooty by Road: Let's first see the driving directions for those of taking your car/bike to Ooty from Mysore. You can also travel from Mysore... MORE ➜

Everything about Mysore!Devaraj Urs Road

Devaraj Urs Road

Devaraja Urs Road or Devaraj Urs Road ( officially, D Devaraj Urs Road , named after the erstwhile reformist chief minister of the state) is a road passes through the main commercial area of Mysore city. This road stands in the middle of a an old locality called Devaraja Mohalla.... MORE ➜

Everything about Mysore!Pearl De Loyal

Pearl De Loyal

This restaurant is right in the middle of the residential locality. It's clientele are the local residents, unlike the ones located closer to the popular tourists circuit of Mysore. And mostly it is the younger lot - students and those working in companies around the area. And of course Pearl... more ➜

Everything about Mysore!Postal Museum

Postal Museum

Postal Museum is located inside the Postal Training Center (PTC) in Nazarbad, a short distance north of Mysore Zoo. The recently inaugurated postal museum displays an array of paraphernalia of the bygone era's postal tradition. Many times delivering post involved running from place to place, through difficult terrains like forests.... more ➜

Everything about Mysore!Irwin Road

Irwin Road

Irwin Road, name after the architect of Mysore Palace, connects Myosre Railway station with the Mysore KSRTC Bus Stand.

Everything about Mysore!Cafe Coffee Day

Cafe Coffee Day

Mysore city has more than half a dozen Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) outlets. The oldest one is at the Kalidasa road, above the Green Leaf Restaurant. Another one is located adjacent to Bombay Tiffanys on the Kanthraj Urs road. On the Devaraj Urs road (at the JLB Road junction) is the third... more ➜

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