Postal Museum

Postal Museum is located inside the Postal Training Center (PTC) in Nazarbad, a short distance north of Mysore Zoo.

The recently inaugurated postal museum displays an array of paraphernalia of the bygone era's postal tradition.

Many times delivering post involved running from place to place, through difficult terrains like forests. 'Post Runners' used to carry a spear with bells attached to it, as a personal protection device to wade through the wildness. The sound from the bells keep away wild animals.

Post men used to carry water bag that keeps the water cool, while on the duty to deliver post.

At the Postal Museum you can see a good deal of such items, the current generations are unaware of.

By the way the Postal Training Center is functioning in the 1914 built Karanji Mansion, one of the many palaces in Mysore. The postal depart bought this 32 acre residential complex of the royals of Mysore in 1964, for a price of 24 lakh rupees to build its regional training center.

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