The Railway Museum in Mysore is one of the oldest and the second largest rail museum in the country.

If you are staying close to the railway station, you can practically walk to the railway museum. Though it is adjacent to the railway station, the entrance to the museum is on the KRS road. In any case it is a short ride by auto-rickshaw from anywhere in the Mysore city.

Many old locomotives are on display, including steam engines. Also on display are the royal coaches used by the Mysore royal family for travel.A small toy train is a kids' delight.

Steam Pump

The 1934 built Stem Pump on display at the Railway Museum

This is a coal fired stem pump that was used to pump water to heights, the equivalent of todays electric powered water pumps. This is on display at Railway Museum in Mysore city

Everything about Mysore!

Sri Harsha Road

This is a short road located on the northern outskirts of Mysore Palace.Sri Harsha road (also Harsha Road)  starts from Silver Jubilee Clock Tower and the Chamaraja circle and ends on the road to bus stand near the Woodlands cinema theater.


Postal Museum

Postal Museum is located inside the Postal Training Center (PTC) in Nazarbad, a short distance north of Mysore Zoo.The recently inaugurated postal museum displays an array of paraphernalia of the bygone era's postal tradition.

KRS Road

KRS Road

KRS Road is an important road on the tourism map of Mysore.This is the road that takes you from Mysore city to the popular attractions like Brindavan Gardens, Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary or even to the off beaten destinations like Balmuri and Yedamuri Falls .


Devaraja Market

For a visitor to this city, Devaraja market  is an apt place to get a flavor of the local people's ( Mysoreans, as they are called ) daily life.With more than 100 years of history, this market is well knitted into the heritage of Mysore.


Mumbai to Mysore by Train

There are two direct trains between Mumbai and Mysore, the Sharavati Express and the Ajmer Mysore Express.These are weekly /biweekly express trains.


Ramaswamy Circle

JLB Road

JLB Road ( Jhansi Lakshmibai Road ) is an important road in Mysore city that connects the Mysore Railway station with the NH212 (Ooty Road).The main entrance of the railway station faces a junction where two roads start - JLB Road and the Irwin Road.


Infosys, Mysore


Well, a lot more is said about Infosys also known as Infy.Mysore has one of Infosys's largest campus, rather the largest such facility in the world.