Balmuri near Mysore city is a popular picnic spot. In this area Cauvery river flows wide over a rocky bed.

A check dam runs across the river more like a wall trying to stop the flow. That's basically to hold the water of Cauvery to feed the many irrigation canals radiate out of this location. When the check dam is filled to the brim, water overflows in a neat long cascade.

In that way Balmuri is not a 'fall' in the conventional sense. This is a popular spot frequented by youngsters, the ones with flair for a mini adventure.

One of the major attraction is to get into the water where it cascades down. And then there is the seasonal boat ride. The scenery is great and the general ambiance is relaxing. So that makes its an ideal picnic spot.

Also facing the waterfront is an ancient Ganapati temple. The daring gets into water that flows over a treacherous terrain. No wonder this is a popular backdrop for song scenes in many Kannada movies. The weak hearted can always use the bridge that is built across the river or sit on the ghat and enjoy the scenery.

The only annoying thing it seems are those cheeky monkeys ever trying to snatch food stuffs.

If you find Balmuri too hectic or over crowded ( that weekend mob phenomena!), get to Yedamuri (Edmuri). This is a little upstream along the river path. Yedamuri too have a check dam (bund) that is built across Cauvery. The cascade is as majestic as Balmuri, if not better.

Yedamuri doesn't have that big fanfare as Belmuri in terms of boating and snack stalls. What you see at Yedamuri is the unusually wide Cauvery river and never ending agriculture fields in assorted shades of green patches. From the bund towards the horizon you can spot the KRS dam in the upstream. When the check dam is full water appears as a still infinite pool, and suddenly it breaks into a cascade along a straight line. The check dam is hardly visible as the water flows over the wall and forms a curtain along its length.

One can see people enjoying the water from over the bund, under the fall and also on the rocky outcrops protruding on the river bed.

A word of caution here. Be extra careful with the water in Belmuri and Yedamuri. There were many fatalities in this area in the past as one could easily slip into water and get drowned. There are no lifeguards around like in case of a typical water sports location.

Use your desecration. Play it safe!

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Edmuri Falls

At Edmuri the still pool of water makes a neat 6 feet fall over the check dam.

At Edmuri the still pool of water makes a neat 6 feet fall over the check dam. Balmuri and Yedamuri are popular picknick spots from Mysore city

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