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Bandipur National Park is located near Mysore , about 80 kilometers on the way to to Ooty. This vast reserve forest saddles the three southern states - Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Kerala. The main interstate roads in fact bisects through the national park.

Once the game parks for the Mysore kings, Bandipur is ideal place to spot elephant, leopard, deer, bison and a host of other wildlife in its natural settings.

Thanks to its relatively easy connectivity Bandipur is one of the popular National Parks in India, especially among the weekend safari enthusiasts.

See also Mysore to Bandipur directions.

Hanuman Langurs in Bandipur forest

Hanuman Langurs in Bandipur forest

Everything about Mysore!Mysore to Ooty

Mysore to Ooty

Mysore and Ooty (Nilgiris in Tamilnadu) makes two ideal pair of destinations. ¬†Ooty is south of Mysore. These are well connected adjacent districts. You can also add a couple of other attractions en route. The highlight of the travel is crossing the wildlife sanctuaries (Bandipur National Park & Mudumalai Tigre... MORE ➜

Train | Bus | Tips for Mysore Travel !Mysore to Ooty Routes

Mysore to Ooty Routes

The road distance between Mysore and Ooty is about 164 km. It takes about 4-5 hours travel, from Mysore to Ooty by road. Mysore to Ooty by Road: Let's first see the driving directions for those of taking your car/bike to Ooty from Mysore. You can also travel from Mysore... MORE ➜

Everything about Mysore Attractions !Delhi Gate

Delhi Gate

Delhi Gate at Srirangapatna.

Everything about Mysore Attractions !Shivanasamudram


Shivanasamudra waterfalls near Mysore. This makes an excellent day excursion destination from Mysore.

Everything about Mysore Attractions !Nisargadhama


Nisargadhama or Kaveri Nisargadhama Island is close to the State highway connecting Mysore with Coorg. This tiny island formed by thick foliage and bamboo grooves is a very popular weekend pick nick destination. The attractions and a deer park , elephant ride and of course Nature. You'll also find a... more ➜

Everything about Mysore Attractions !Gordon House

Gordon House

Gordon House, a heritage building in the city, now functions as the administrative headquarters of Mysore.

Everything about Mysore Attractions !Weekly Market at Srirangapatna

Weekly Market at Srirangapatna

If you are keen to explore a traditional village market, visit Srirangapatna on a Saturday. The weekly market of Srirangapatna is typical of a large scale Indian village bazar. This weekly fair is conducted on the open ground located across the Jamia Masjid, close to the highway. Anything from agricultural... more ➜

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