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Bandipur National Park is located near Mysore , about 80 kilometers on the way to to Ooty. This vast reserve forest saddles the three southern states - Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Kerala. The main interstate roads in fact bisects through the national park.

Once the game parks for the Mysore kings, Bandipur is ideal place to spot elephant, leopard, deer, bison and a host of other wildlife in its natural settings.

Thanks to its relatively easy connectivity Bandipur is one of the popular National Parks in India, especially among the weekend safari enthusiasts.

See also Mysore to Bandipur directions.

Hanuman Langurs in Bandipur forest

Hanuman Langurs in Bandipur forest

Train | Bus | Tips for Mysore Travel !Mysore to Ooty Routes

Mysore to Ooty Routes

The road distance between Mysore and Ooty is about 164 km. It takes about 4-5 hours travel, from Mysore to Ooty by road. Mysore to Ooty by Road: Let's first see the driving directions for those of taking your car/bike to Ooty from Mysore. You can also travel from Mysore... MORE ➜

Everything about Mysore Attractions !Talakadu


Talakad ( Talakadu ) is sand dune covered town on the left bank of the Kaveri river, some 45 km from Mysore. Most of its 30 or so temples lay buried in sand. A few of them are excavated and accessible. At a distance about 45km from Mysore, Talakadu is... MORE ➜

Everything about Mysore!Mysore to Ooty

Mysore to Ooty

Mysore and Ooty (Nilgiris in Tamilnadu) makes two ideal pair of destinations.  Ooty is south of Mysore. These are well connected adjacent districts. You can also add a couple of other attractions en route. The highlight of the travel is crossing the wildlife sanctuaries (Bandipur National Park & Mudumalai Tigre... MORE ➜

Everything about Mysore Attractions !Scott’s Bungalow

Scott’s Bungalow

The disclaimer first. This is not for the “typical tourists” to Srirangapatna. If you have a flair for a bit of history and legends of this place read further. Who was Colonel Scott? He was one of those military officers who took part in the siege of Srirangapatna. Later ,... more ➜

Everything about Mysore Attractions !Karanji Lake

Karanji Lake

Originally part of the Mysore Zoo, Karainji lake (also called Karanjikere ) in Mysore City is a sprawling water body in with a beautiful park around it. This is home to more than 5 dozen bird species , both local and migratory. You can easily spot on the fringes of the lake... more ➜

Everything about Mysore Attractions !Museums in Mysore

Museums in Mysore

Did you know this? Mysore have more than 10 museums scattered around the city dedicated for folk art to music to railways to musical instruments. Some of them are immensely popular among the visitors while the rest slips out of the itinerary inventory. The star attraction is obviously museum inside... more ➜

Everything about Mysore Attractions !Venugopalaswamy Temple

Venugopalaswamy Temple

This is a hidden gem in Mysore. As a visitor to the Brindavan Gardens, you are practically visiting the south side of the dam. That's where the garden is located. There was a time when visitors could climb to the top of the KRS dam to see the vast expanse... more ➜

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