This brightly painted state of the demon Mahishasura is an iconic image in Mysore tourism. The fact the very name Mysore is associated with Mahishasura.

The story of Mahishasura is the typical mythical theme of victory of the good over the evil. Mahishasura , literally means the buffalo demon, was slayed by the goddess Chamundeshwari. It is for this mythological association that the statue of Mahishasura located near the Chamundeshwari Temple atop the Chamundi Hills.

The statue stands in a traffic circle near to the parking lot. For the tourists to  Chamundi Hills taking a group photograph keeping the Mahishasura as the backdrop is almost a mandatory custom. This is one of the most photographed attractions in Mysore.
Mahishasura stands holding a cobra in one hand and the sword raised above the head on the other hand. The massive mustache and the stare adds to the furious expression.

Kaveri River

Geographically, religiously and even politically Kaveri (Cauvery, in English) is a significant river in South India.
There are many large cities of south india developed on the shores of this river.In some sense Kaveri to the Deccan plain is what Ganges to the Indo-Gangetic plain of the north India.

Vanivilas Market

Vanivilas market also 'Chikk Market'  or 'Hale Agrahara' is an old marketplace in Mysore.

Mysore Palace History

The palace you see at Mysore is probably the third or the fourth generation of the palatial structure built over this location by the ruling dynasty.Many reasons , including the shift in power and other catastrophes caused the destruction of older citadels.



Sandalwood and Mysore has an inseparable connection.So what's sandalwood by the way?



Thanks to the Tibetan temples and monasteries, Bylakuppe on the way to Madikeri from Mysore is a popular destination.Mysore to Bylakuppe is about 85km.


“Mysore Style”

Traditionally in India Yoga is taught on a one to one basis, that is the teacher instructs and monitors each students specifically. This is in contrast with the more westernized style of instructing, where the teacher instructs the class as a whole.

KSRTC Booking

KSRTC ( Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation), the state owned bus operator operates numerous bus services to and via Mysore.For short distance travels you would not require an advance booking as tickets can be bought directly from the bus.