This is on of the popular vegetarian restaurants in Mysore. Their menu have the typical vegetarian fanfare. The ambient looks a tad upscale with those cosy seats and the spacious interior.The evenings are quite busy, though they are open throughout the day. For those traveling by Hunsur Road (SH88) towards or out of Mysore city, this is a convenient restaurant to drive in.

What is special about the place is the outdoor dine setup on the lawn. So that makes Highway 18 one of the many restaurants in Mysore (Green Hotel, Hotel Regaalis, Silent Shores to name a few ) that have the open-air dining facility attached to it.

It seems kids too are happy with the tiny play area around the corder of the lawn.

Highway 18 restaurant is located some 5km on west of the city center, the Hunsur Road.


Highway 18

Highway 18

Chennai to Mysore

Catch that overnight Cauvery Express  from Chennai (Train No: 16222 & for return Train No: 16221).This is a great options in terms of cost and time to travel from Chennai to Mysore.



Sandalwood and Mysore has an inseparable connection.So what's sandalwood by the way?


Mysore Yoga

Mysore is the Yoga capital of India.Before going into further details, a quick idea of what is yoga for those who are new to this concept.

Outer Ring Road of Mysore City

Outer Ring Road

The Outer Ring Road (ORR) or popularly known as the Ring Road is a 32km long 4 lane highway like road that encircles Mysore City, except for the break at the southeast quarter, where the Chamundi Hills is located.The road networks of Mysore city is in a gridiron fashion with numerous parallel roads "grids" the city.


Garrison Cemetery

There are many monuments in India which and popular among the foreign tourists than the domestic tourists, and worse the domestic tourists do no know it even exists.The Garrison Cemetery in Srirangapatna near Mysore is easily one among these gone into oblivion over time.


Ajmer Mysore Express

Ajmer Mysore Weekly Express connects Ajmer in Rajasthan to Mysore in Karnataka.This train's route is along the western states of India.

Hotels near Mysore Railway Station

Hotels near Mysore Railway station

There are quite a few hotels near the railway station.The closest ones are on the JLB road.