Mysore Palace is the central piece of Mysore's attractions. The sprawling Mysore Palace is located in the heart of Mysore city. Rather the roads out of Mysore city appears radiating from the palace.

The interior of Mysore Palace is richly carved, intricate, colorful and architecturally thrilling.

It is from this palace the erstwhile rulers , the Wodeyars, ruled the Mysore Kingdom (see Maharajas of Mysore ).

Though Mysore is often referred to as the "City of Palaces", the term Mysore Palace refers to the largest and the most opulent of all its surviving palaces located in the city center, called the Amba Vilas Palace.

Mysore Palace  history spans for  more than 500 years.  But what you see now in Mysore is the modern palace built in 1912. As mentioned earlier the first palace was built during 14th century by the then Wodeyar kings.

After the fall of Vijayanagar , and the subsequent power shifts in the region, Raja Wodeyar moved the capital to Srirangapatna from Mysore in 1610. The palace in Mysore however continued to serve as a royal residence.

During the regime of Raja Wodeyar II in 1638 the original palace got damaged by a lightning strike. It was repaired and extended later.

Again in 1803 during the regime of Krishnaraja Wodeyar III a new palace was built, after demolishing the old palace. In 1897 during the wedding of Princess Jayalakshmanni this palace got fully destroyed in a fire. Majority of its structure was made with wood that caused it complete destruction.

You can see the model of this palace as one of the items on display inside the palace museum during very first lap of the tour.

Vani Vilas Sannidhana , the then ruler ( queen of Chamaraja Wodeyar X ) commissioned Henry Irwin, a renowned architect of British India to design the modern Mysore palace (see Architecture of Mysore Palace ). This is what you see now as the Mysore Palace. It took about 5 years to build and combines a range of architectural styles. This concept is popularly known as Indo-Saracenic style. One can see a pleasant blend of Hindu, Muslim, Rajput, and Gothic styles of architectural elements.

The palace is basically a three storied structure with a 44 meter ( 145 feet ) central tower. Pinkish marble domes adorn the number of towers configured in perfect symmetry.

The first attraction is the Doll Pavilion as you enter the museum. Antiques made of gold, silver, marble , ivory from around the world are on display. Some of them as old as 900 years.

The central portion of the palace is a huge court open to the sky. Beyond is the royal Marriage Hall (Kalyana Mantapa ) , the most awe-inspiring portion of the palace. The five storied tower of the palace makes a majestic dome over this hall.

The walls along the corridors are decorated with oil paintings of royal themes. A host of ceremonies and festivals of the bygone era is depicted in these painting in all its vividness and details.

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Domes of Mysore palace

Domes of Mysore palace

Everything about Mysore Palace !

7 Palaces of Mysore

The Amba Vilas Palace, often referen as the 'Mysore Palace' located in the heart of Mysore City is the main palace and the prime tourist attraction. However Mysore has many other palaces worth visiting...


Mysore Palace

Architecture of Mysore Palace

The architectural style of Mysore palace is hybrid.That is, its design is a mixture of various schools of architecture.


Mysore Palace

Photography in Mysore Palace

Mysore palace is one of the most photographed attractions in India.If you are keen on photography, the palace and its surroundings are great objects in Mysore.


Mysore Palace History

The palace you see at Mysore is probably the third or the fourth generation of the palatial structure built over this location by the ruling dynasty.Many reasons , including the shift in power and other catastrophes caused the destruction of older citadels.


Trinayaneswara Temple

Trinayaneswara Temple has many peculiarities.First of all , this temple is older than the palace, even older than the Wodeyar dynasty itself.


Mysore Palace Map

Mysore palace is located in the heart of Mysore city.In fact the main atrial roads of Mysore intersects near the palace.The Mysore city bus stand too is located at a corner of the palace.The road from Bangalore to Ooty goes around the palace compound.


Mysore Palace Timings

Mysore Palace is open for visitors everyday from 10 am to 5.30 pm.There is no weekly off for Mysore Palace!