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Mysore has a few railway stations in and around the city. The main railway station however is the Mysore Junction (MYS) railway station. This is the station where trains to Mysore terminate. There are even a few trains that pass via Mysore Junction. There are three railroads meet at Mysore Junction. The main route is from the Bangalore side, the second is from Hassan and third is the Chamarajanagar route.

Mysore Junction railway station is located right in the heart of the city, a tad towards the northwest of the city center. Though it is in the city center you would need a local transport to reach other places of interest in the city.

There are two roads that connects the railway station with the rest of the city - the Irwin Road and the JLB Road. Both start from the junction right in front of the railway station. Irwin Road takes you to the KSRTC Bus Stand while JLB Road goes all the way till the foothills of Chamundi Hills.

There are a few options for local transport from Mysore railway Station.
Mysore has an efficient city bus service. There is a city bus stop ( rather two) just in front of the railway station. As you come out of the railway station compound, a bus stop appears immediately on your left. And another one opposite to it, just across the road.

For going towards city center use the bus stand on the same side of the railway station. Most of the buses in this direction terminate at the Mysore City Bus Stand.And most of them can take you near the Mysore KSRTC Bus Stand ( for long distance), Mysore Palace and other busy commercial streets in the heart of the city.
Cross the road and get to the opposite stop for buses operating on routes that are in general radiating out from the city center to other parts of the city. If in doubt or you are not sure, catch a bus from the first bus stop (on the same side of railway station) and get to the Mysore City Bus Stand (about 10 minutes), from where you can look for any city bus connection.

Another popular option is to use an auto rickshaw (3-wheeler taxi) from inside the railway station premise.There is a prepaid auto-rickshaw booth in front of the railway station building ( another one is located outside the KSRTC Bus Stand ). From this prepaid kiosk you can pay Rs1 and get a printout which indicate the fare, auto rickshaw registration number and your destination.  The fare printed has to be paid to the driver at the end of the trip. So its not exactly pre paid, but the fare is fixed for your destination.

At the kiosk, passengers and auto-rickshaws follow queues towards the counter and when your turn comes pay Rs1 (keep that change handy) and tell your destination to the counter staff. The computer has a standard list of all frequented points in the city. They notes down the rickshaw number ( typically looks like KA-09 , 1234) and hands over you the printout. There would a minor jumble at this point as passengers and drivers scramble to meet the designated pairs, the drivers would anyway help you to get to the right rickshaw.

They will take the printout from you, read the destination and return the printout to you immediately. If the driver doesn't return, ask the printout back (its your copy). At the destination pay to the driver the amount printed. So you are expected two things at the prepaid kiosk - be sure of your destination and keep a 1 rupee coin handy!

It's not hard to find the prepaid kiosk. After coming out of the railway station building, cross the road inside the station compound where the taxis drop passengers. There is a signboard and you can see a short queue also immediately after the arrival of a train.Many would approach you for rickshaw service as you come out of the railway station. Ignore and head straight to the pre paid counter. This works round the clock on all days, though the fare is some 50% more - and printed accordingly - for late night journeys .

If you are looking for a taxi car, there is even a travel kiosk (in the main building near the ticket counters) for arranging one or there are quite a few local taxis too parked outside the main building. If it is for long distances or for longer durations, better arrange one before you arrive at the station. Or ask your hotel to arrange one for you.

Another exotic service unique to Mysore is the Tonga (Horse Cart) service. Though its no more a main means of city transport, Tongas are still roaming the city, especially between and around the popular tourist spots. From Railway station to Mysore Palace or city bus stand they charge about 30 to 40 rupees. For longer round trips, its could cost a few hundred rupees. A tonga can take  3-4 passengers and some luggage.
So that's it about getting out of Mysore railway station.

Let's also see some of the other facilities and facts on this railway station.
The ticket counters are located in the at the further end of the main building as you enter the railway station from outside. The advance reservation counters are at the opposite end ( that is the end close to the main gate) of the building. For regular unreserved tickets ( express or passenger ) join the queue. For advance reservations get your token from the token machine located the reservation counters. There is even a touch screen kiosk near the reservation counter to  check for trains and seat availability.

Right outside the reservation counters is a reservation enquiry counter. They even sell the "Trains At A Glance" which is a comprehensive rail travel guide by the Indian Railways.

Inside the railway station on the main platform ( ie, Plat Form No.1) you can find the Passenger Care center, Waiting Rooms, Toilets, Clock Room, refreshment stalls, news stand, Chemist shop and even a heritage exhibition gallery. If you have an hour (or even less) waiting time , the heritage gallery is an interesting place to visit. A large number of vintage photos , mostly of Mysore region are on display. The gallery is located towards the end of platform 1 , near where the engine stops when coming from Bangalore side. Admission is free.

Near by is the bookstall and the refreshment stall. The fly over for other platforms ( there are 6 platforms) is located on your right as you enter the platform from the ticket counter area.The passenger care center and the current reservation counters too are located nearby on platform 1. A chemist stall is located on platform 1 where the fly over steps are located. Beyond which on platform 1 is the luggage booking office, Clock Room and the Pay&Use toilets.

You need a valid ticket and the luggage should be pad locked to keep in the Clock Room. If you are on a local trip to the region and don't want to tug along unwanted baggage, store it at the Clock Room. The maximum period is one month. For a day the charge is Rs10. For longer periods the rates are promotionally higher. If you are storing for may days , the rate is about Rs37 per day. Check with them the opening and closing hours. See to that no eatables are left inside your backpack my mistake while stowing at the clock room, as rodents may damage your backpack!

Though most of the long distance trains start from the platform 1 which is very easy to get to, trains arriving to Myosre usually comes on other platforms. Till Mysore Junction gets the escalator one has to use that flyover for other platforms. For senior citizens and physically challenged passengers there is a Buggy service (battery car) that can drop you near the coach on the platform.
There are quite a few ATMs attached to the railway station building. A few of them are near the ticket counter while the rest are in a row along the columned verandah in front on the main building.
Beyond the prepaid booth is the parking lot for two wheelers and cars.
And of course Mysore Junction is WiFi enabled.

Shadabdi Express on platform 1

Shadabdi Express on platform 1

pre paid auto rickshaw booth at Mysore railway station

Pre paid auto rickshaw booth at Mysore railway station

Mysore Railway Station Map

Mysore Railway Station Map

Mysore Railway Station Map

South Western Railway headquarters on Irwin Road

South Western Railway headquarters on Irwin Road

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