Bangalore to Mysore train timings, time table and fare of all the trains running between Bangalore City Jn (SBC) and Mysore City Jn (MYS).

There are about 19 daily trains from Bangalore to Mysore, six of them are passenger trains, the rest are express trains.

Another 7 weekly / bi-weekly trains too are available to travel from Bangalore to Mysore.

As thumb rule,  expect a Mysore bound train in every 1 hour or so from Bangalore City (Majestic) during daytime and till night ( 4am to 8pm). There are very few trains in the midnight times, except the passenger train called the Night Queen Passenger

There are two train timetables given below for the Bangalore to Mysore train timings. The first table lists all the daily trains and timings. The second table lists the timings of the weekly/bi weekly express trains from Bangalore side to Mysore.

The timings are listed from the Bangalore City Junction railway station. Some of the trains stop at other railway stations in Bangalore also (like the Whitefield, Bangalore Cantonment, Yesvantpur etc) .

Bangalore City (SBC) to Mysore Junction (MYS) Daily Trains time table.

Train No Train Name Departure (SBC) Arrival (MYS) Travel time (H.m)
116021 Kavery Express 04.00 06.50 2.50
256233 Bangalore - Mysore Passenger 05.00 08.30 3.30
316231 Mysore Express 06.00 08.50 2.50
416591 Hampi Express 06.30 09.20 2.50
516235 Mysore Express 07.00 10.00 3.00
656214 Tirupati - Chamarajanagar Fast Passenger 07.30 10.30 3.00
716536 Golgumbaz Express 08.15 11.05 2.50
856232 Bangalore Mysore Passenger 09.20 12.30 3.10
916558 Rajya Rani Express 10.30 13.15 2.45
1012007 Shatabdi Express ( not on Wednesdays) 11.00 13.00 2.00
1117308 Basava Express 11.15 13.50 2.35
1216024 Malgudi Express 13.20 16.30 3.10
1312614 Tippu Express 15.00 17.30 2.30
1456282 Bangalore Chamarajanagar Passenger 15.30 18.35 3.05
1516216 Chamundi Express 18.15 21.10 2.55
1656238 Bangalore Chamarajanagar Passenger 19.00 22.20 3.20
1716523 Karwar Express 20.30 23.10 2.40
1816517 Kannur Express 20.30 23.10 2.40
1956264 Mysore passenger (Night Queen Passenger) 23.55 04.00 4.05

Timetable for the Weekly and bi-weekly express trains to Mysore via Bangalore.

Many of these trains has stops in other stations in Bangalore too. This timetable however lists only timings from the Bangalore City Junction (SBC)

Train No Train Name Departure (SBC) Arrival (MYS) Travel time (H.m)Departure Days from Bangalore


16230 Varanasi Mysore Express 00.15 03.00 02.45 Sundays & Tuesdays
222817 Howrah Mysore express 01.15 04.15 03.00 Sundays
316209 Ajmer Mysore Express 03.30 06.00 02.30 Sundays & Tuesdays
416218 Sainagar Shirdi Mysore Express 03.30 06.00 02.30 Thursdays
522682 Chennai Mysore Express 05.40 08.20 02.40 Fridays
612976 Jaipur Mysore Express 13.00 16.00 03.00 Wednesdays & Fridays
712577 Bagmati Express 20.55 23.30 02.35 Thursdays

The earliest daily train to Mysore from Bangalore is Kaveri Express, arriving from Chennai Central (Railway Station Code: MAS) (leaves Bangalore City Jn by 4 am) followed by the Bangalore-Mysore Passenger (leaves Bangalore City Jn by 5am).

Similarly the last train to leave for Mysore is the Night Queen Passenger. By the way the passenger trains are the cheapest means to travel between Bangalore and Mysore. Even the sleeper ticket fare in Night Queen Passenger is less than a comparable bus fare!

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Note: The above details (Bangalore Mysore Train Timings) added in April 2015. Pl check with indian railways website  the official train timings. You can do online reservations @ the irctc.co.in website


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Mysore to Bangalore Train Timings

Mysore to Bangalore Train Timings:
Mysore-Bangalore Express train timings are listed in the below table.There are 26 trains connects Mysore with Bangalore, 6 are the slower passenger trains.


Tirupati Passenger

The fast passenger train that connects Mysore with Tirupati via Bangalore.Chamarajanagar - Mysore - Bangalore - Tirupati (Train No: 56213)

The Train Timings is updated on July 2015.

Bangalore to Mysore Train Fare

Here is a list of Bangalore to Mysore train fares.

Chennai to Mysore by Road

Chennai to Mysore distance is just under 500km. By car you can cover this in 9 to 10 hours.

Bus service at Bangalore airport

Bangalore Airport to Mysore Bus

There are direct bus services from Bangalore airport to Mysore. This is a highly preferred option if you are flying to Bangalore and heading for Mysore.


Mysore Airport

Bangalore to Mysore Flights

Are there any flights from Bangalore to Mysore?The answer is yes, again!

NICE Expressway to Mysore Road.

Bangalore to Mysore

Bengaluru (Bangalore) is a major gateway city to Mysore. Mysore is located about 140 kilometers southwest of Bangalore. The approximate traveling time is 3 hours, from Majestic (in Bangalore) to Mysore city. See the travel options to Mysore from Bangalore.